Shall we call you                authorized gas, water & drainage work

Your local plumber in Østerbro, Copenhagen & Frb.- call 2670 1234              
We are a local, family run business who pride ourselves on the quality of the services it undertakes and the experience of the plumber who carry out the works.
Plumbing is a great way to improve the quality of life in your home. You´ll want to make sure you are choosing the
right plumber for your home and your budget.

We provides Plumbing, District heating, Water, Gas and Drainage services, whether your job is big or small, we can take care of your plumbing replacement, repair or installations needs.

Opening hours mon - thursday 7am - 3pm, friday between 7am - 1pm or anytime by e-

When plumbing issues arise unespectibly, we are here to help you and your home or business with our ....

After hour service from 4pm and weekends- call 2670 1234, the work is calculated per started hour.

Our labour cost can be deducted from your taxes under the danish tax system in 2015-2017.
You can earn a 33% refund of the invoiced labour costs for any of our plumbing jobs.
If you own your own residence and have the regular tax liability and pay property tax in Denmark and the work is done in your principal residence (or if you are renter with direct maintenance responsibility) you qualify for a deduction of up to DKK 12.000 per person for energy improvements or replacement of Radiator and Thermostatic valve, District heating units including repairs upon this, Energy Pumps, etc. For speciffic requirements, please contact the danish tax authorities (

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