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Leakages and more….

Leakages underneath the sink and more space….

Leaks in or around the sink or the base of the faucet will gradually destroy your cabinets and countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. Signs of trouble: Puddles, dampness or water stains inside the cabinet. Loose plastic laminate near sink. A loose faucet base. Deteriorating caulk around sink. Stains on the ceiling below. 

How to find the source: If you have a plastic laminate countertop, examine the underside of the countertop using a flashlight. Look for swollen particleboard or other signs of water damage. Dribble water around the sink rim and look for leaks.
Run the dishwasher and check for leaks under it.

The repair often involves tightening a connection, but it can often be more complicated.

We have all seen it, the cabinet is filled with pipes in a way that makes it impossible to fit a bucket. So why don´t you do something about it, as it just requires some planning in a new kitchen, but it is also possible afterwards as the pictures shows – check it out and get some inspiration or call us to do the job for you.

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